Dental Implants

Get A Long Lasting Durable Natural Tooth Replacement Alternative with Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Replace Lost Teeth and Restore Jaw Strength

A dental implant is the most predictable replacement for a missing tooth. Additionally, a dental implant can prevent further bone loss from the missing tooth. In fact, implants are the only type of restoration that replaces the crown and root of the tooth.

Tooth loss can have devastating effects, leading to weakened dental function, jawbone loss, and cosmetic issues. A dental implant can replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth to restore your dental health. If you are in need of dental implants in Frisco, TX, contact implant dentist, Dr. Chirag Patel.

Benefits of Implants

Implants offer a number of notable advantages over other restorative options, including:

Greater Durability

Because implant-supported restorations are anchored in the jaw itself, rather than supported by adjacent teeth, they are much more stable than traditional bridges.

Improved Jawbone Strength

When we lose teeth, the surrounding bone deteriorates. Titanium implant posts stimulate the jaw in the same way that our natural tooth does. As a result, jawbone degeneration is halted and generate new growth.

More Comfortable

The combined durability and stability of implant-supported restorations creates a much more comfortable experience for patients. In many cases, these types of restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Improved Aesthetics

Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. Modern restorative materials can be color-matched to match your natural teeth.

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Contributing Factors to the Cost of Implants

Dental implants provide significant, life-changing advantages for patients. The cost of dental implants varies depending on a number of factors. For that reason, Dr. Patel will consult with each patient to provide a full dental plan.

Some factors that will contribute to the cost of implant surgery:

The details of your specific case will determine the final cost of the procedure. During your initial consultation with Dr. Patel, he will ask a number of questions about your goals and expectations for treatment in order to provide a precise estimate. We will clearly break down all related costs and discuss options to fit your budget.

Patient Education Videos

Despite the benefits of dental implants, implants are not ideal for every patient. For example, a jaw with significant bone loss may not be able to support an implant. However, advanced dental procedures are available for patients with jawbone deterioration. Often, bone grafting can improve your candidacy.