TMJ Disorder Treatment in Frisco TX

Get relief from your TMJ or TMD with our dental treatment in Frisco TX.

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senior man holding jaw in pain-cropped
senior man holding jaw in pain-cropped

Advanced Techniques to Alleviate Discomfort

TMJ Disorder is a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ connects your jaw to your skull bones in front of your ear. The joint allows you to chew food, talk, and yawn. As you can see, ongoing pain to the temporomandibular joint can negatively impact your quality of life.

Fortunately, Dr. Chirag Patel uses advanced techniques to provide effective TMJ disorder treatment. At our Frisco, TX office, oral splints are one of the most common TMJ treatments. The oral splint devices can alleviate pressure on your jaw joints to reduce inflammation and stop teeth clenching and grinding. Our dentist can provide a definitive diagnosis and create a unique and effective treatment plan.