Teeth Cleanings in Frisco, TX

Achieve Brighter, Healthier Smile with Professional Teeth Cleanings in Frisco Texas

Regular teeth cleanings are crucial for dental health. Our Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco dental team offers gentle, thorough cleanings to prevent oral diseases, using advanced technology for comfort and effectiveness. Experience the benefits for a brighter, healthier smile.

dad and daughter brushing teeth together
dad and daughter brushing teeth together

What Happens During Dental Cleaning?

At Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco, we prioritize your oral health during cleanings. Our skilled hygienists conduct thorough examinations, removing plaque and tartar buildup gently and effectively. We then proceed with a polishing process to leave your teeth smooth and clean. Additional steps may include flossing, rinsing, and optional fluoride treatment for added protection. We aim to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process.

Our Thorough Teeth Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Examination: Thorough oral health check.
  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Expert removal of buildup.
  • Cleaning and Polishing: Use of advanced tools for a sparkling finish.
  • Flossing: Precision flossing between teeth.
  • Rinsing: Clearing away any remaining debris.
  • Fluoride Treatment (Optional): Strengthening teeth for added protection.

What Does Teeth Cleaning Remove? Tackling Plaque and Tartar for Optimal Oral Health

Teeth cleaning at Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco is a critical procedure that targets two main culprits of dental issues: plaque and tartar. Understanding what each of these elements is and how they impact your oral health underscores the importance of regular dental cleanings.

8 Reasons Why Teeth Cleanings Are Necessary

  1. Visible Plaque or Tartar: If you notice stubborn yellow or brown deposits on your teeth, it’s time for a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup.
  2. Persistent Bad Breath: Lingering bad breath despite regular oral care could signal bacterial accumulation, which can be addressed with a thorough teeth cleaning at our practice.
  3. Red, Swollen, or Bleeding Gums: These symptoms often indicate gum inflammation, which can be alleviated with a professional cleaning to remove irritants like plaque and tartar.
  4. Sensitive Teeth: Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods may indicate enamel erosion or gum recession, both of which can benefit from a dental cleaning to remove plaque and protect exposed surfaces.
  5. Visible Stains or Discoloration: Surface stains from coffee, tea, or tobacco can be effectively removed with a cleaning, restoring the natural color of your teeth.
  6. Pain or Discomfort While Chewing: Discomfort while chewing could be due to gum inflammation or infection, which can be addressed with a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar.
  7. Previous Dental Work: Maintain regular cleanings to prevent plaque and tartar buildup around dental restorations like fillings or crowns, ensuring their longevity and your oral health.
  8. Routine Maintenance: Schedule regular cleanings as part of your preventive dental care routine to maintain optimal oral health and prevent future issues, even in the absence of noticeable symptoms.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco for a comprehensive evaluation and professional teeth cleaning.

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dad and daughter brushing teeth together
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What Does Teeth Cleaning Remove? Tackling Plaque and Tartar for Optimal Oral Health

close up of smiling mouth with periodontal probeAt Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco, our teeth cleaning procedure effectively targets plaque and tartar, two main contributors to dental issues. Plaque, a sticky film housing bacteria, leads to cavities and gum disease if not removed. During cleaning, our hygienists meticulously clear plaque from teeth and gums, crucial for preventing decay and gum issues. Tartar, hardened plaque, requires professional removal to prevent gum disease and receding gums. Our team employs specialized tools to gently remove tartar, reducing risks and promoting oral health. Regular cleanings at our practice are vital for maintaining oral health, preventing long-term damage, and ensuring a bright, healthy smile. We’re committed to providing thorough, gentle cleanings to leave your mouth cleaner and your oral health improved after every visit.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning: A Key to Oral Health

  • Prevents buildup of plaque and tartar, reducing risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Helps ward off tooth decay and maintains gum health, reducing risk of periodontal disease.
  • Removes surface stains for a brighter, more confident smile.
  • Freshens breath by removing bacteria and debris causing bad odors.
  • Contributes to overall health by preventing systemic health issues linked to poor oral hygiene.
  • Regular dental cleanings are essential for long-term oral wellness and preventive healthcare.


What should I expect during a dental cleaning appointment?

During a dental cleaning at Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco, you’ll first undergo a thorough oral examination to check for any dental issues. Our hygienist will then remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, especially focusing on areas difficult to reach through regular brushing and flossing. 

After the tartar is removed, your teeth will be polished to remove surface stains and plaque. The final step usually includes flossing and a fluoride treatment, if necessary. The entire process is not only painless but also crucial for maintaining your oral health.

How often should I get my teeth professionally cleaned?

The frequency of professional teeth cleanings can vary based on individual oral health needs. Generally, we recommend that patients come in for a cleaning every six months. However, some individuals, especially those with a history of periodontal disease or other specific dental issues, may benefit from more frequent cleanings. 

During your visit, we can provide a personalized recommendation based on your oral health assessment.

Can teeth cleaning prevent gum disease?

Yes, regular teeth cleanings play a crucial role in preventing gum disease. These cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup, which are the primary causes of gum disease. By keeping these harmful substances in check, we can prevent them from causing inflammation and infection in your gums. 

Additionally, routine dental check-ups allow us to spot early signs of gum disease, enabling us to address it promptly before it progresses.

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