Dental Crowns in Frisco TX

Strengthen your smile and provide further protection for your teeth with dental crowns.

Improve the look of a discolored tooth, strengthen teeth after a root canal procedure, cover a dental implant, or improve the look of a misshaped tooth, we can help you.

Restore Your Tooth in a Single Visit (No More Goop!)

A dental crown or dental cap is a restorative dental treatment that protects your tooth. Most often, you need a crown after a root canal procedure to save your tooth or tooth decay that is removed is too big for a composite filling. Essentially, a dental crown restores the form and function to your tooth.

Fortunately, Dr. Chirag Patel offers same-day dental crowns in Frisco, TX. For the convenience of our patients, we employ our in-office advanced technology to fabricate a ceramic crown in one visit to Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco. Even more, you don’t have to bite into goop. Dr. Patel digitally scans your tooth, designs your restoration, then mills the crown.