Bone Grafting in Frisco TX

Rebuild your jawbone with bone grafting in Frisco TX.

Many patients who are interested in dental implants lack sufficient jawbone tissue to support them. To counteract this effect and improve your candidacy for the procedure, Dr. Chirag Patel can place a bone graft at his Frisco, TX, dental practice.


What is a Bone Graft?

Bone grafts are small samples of healthy bone tissue which are surgically placed in the jaw to promote new tissue growth. In the field of restorative dentistry, these types of procedures are most often recommended to strengthen the jaw in preparation for dental implant placement.

Grafts are typically prepared from two sources: allografts, which are drawn from human donors, and autografts, which are created from the patient’s own tissue. The allografts at our practice are completely irradiated in order to minimize the risk of infection, improve integration with the jaw, and provide greater stability for your implants. Which type of graft Dr. Patel recommends will depend on the specifics of your case, such as your health history and current bone health.

By building up weakened areas in the jaw, bone grafts can provide a solid foundation for one or more dental implants.

Ridge augmentation is the most common type of grafting procedure, which is used to build up weakened areas. In certain cases, a sinus lift or socket preservation may be more suitable than a traditional bone graft. Dr. Patel recommends these types of bone grafts for implants in the upper jaw and to prevent jaw deterioration after a tooth extraction, respectively.