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Aesthetic General Dentistry's Post-Op Instructions and Aftercare for Dental Onlays & Inlays

At Aesthetic General Dentistry, we believe in providing our patients with the best and most comprehensive oral care possible. That is why we offer a variety of services to help you achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you deserve.

One of our popular treatments is dental onlays and inlays, which are minimally invasive procedures used to restore damaged teeth. However, similar to other dental treatments, it is vital to provide appropriate care after the procedure to guarantee the long-term success and durability of your onlays or inlays.

dentist examining patient
dentist examining patient

Post-Op Instructions for Dental Onlays and Inlays

Following your dental onlay or inlay procedure, it is typical to feel minor discomfort and sensitivity in the treated tooth. This is a common reaction to any type of dental restoration and should subside within a few days. However, if the discomfort persists or worsens, please contact our office immediately.

To help alleviate any discomfort, we recommend taking over-the-counter pain relievers as directed by your dentist. Additionally, you can apply a cold compress to the affected area for 10-15 minutes at a time to reduce swelling and pain.

It is important to avoid eating or drinking anything until the local anesthesia has completely worn off. This usually takes 2-3 hours. For now, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water to effectively clean the area.

For the first 24 hours after your procedure, it is crucial to avoid any hard or crunchy foods that may put pressure on the treated tooth. Stick to a soft food diet and avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the restoration was placed. This will allow the onlay or inlay to properly set and bond with your tooth for optimal results.

After the 24-hour mark, you can resume your normal diet but be sure to avoid any sticky foods that may dislodge or damage the restoration. It is also important to refrain from chewing on hard objects such as ice or pens, as this can cause the restoration to break or become loose.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial for the long-term success of your dental onlays and inlays. We suggest brushing your teeth twice daily using a toothbrush with soft bristles and cleaning between your teeth with floss every day to keep the area clean and prevent the formation of plaque. It is also important to refrain from using tobacco products, as they can cause staining of the restoration and heighten the chances of complications.

In certain situations, it might be necessary to schedule another appointment to assess the progress of healing and verify the proper functioning of the restoration. It is vital to attend these appointments and inform us about any concerns or problems you encounter.

If you encounter intense pain, swelling, bleeding, or any other worrisome symptoms following your procedure, please get in touch with our office without delay. Our team is here to support you and ensure that your recovery process is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

At Aesthetic General Dentistry of Frisco, we are aware that dental procedures can be overwhelming. However, we want to assure you that our team is committed to delivering exceptional care and support to all our patients.